How are you doing this? The great E-Reading Debate!

This is an odd question, but it needs to be addressed if any of my readers are bibliophiles like myself. I’m talking about you, the person sitting at home surrounded by way too many books in fact you have so many books that they have become your furniture. Just kidding, you love your little ink-stamped children far too much to ever use them as a place setting or tripod.

But in all seriousness (and because I haven’t finished the book I would like to review first) I am going to talk about my method of reading and why. I, Michelle, use an E-Reader. To some of you this is reason alone to leave this page and/or leave a nasty comment and never return, yes I know you are out there and good-bye. But I would like to explain myself if you would be so kind as to lend me your ears.

I use a Kindle Paperwhite (not the newer one, the one released in 2013) and I read physical books. Essentially I bought the Paperwhite because I worked at Best Buy (shout out to my blue and yellow brethren) and thought I needed to purchase one of the biggest items I was pushing on my customers. I mean you can’t beat the 2 week battery life, backlighting customization, or the fabulously easy to use store.

However, my main reason for purchasing this beauty is that I own over 530 books and I’m not even in my 20s yet. I own so many books that when I moved I had to put one third of my books in storage, another third at my new place, and the last third at my parents house. This is not including the various reference books I have either, which is the scary part. Honestly I blame society for this issue and terrible addiction, it’s a disease guys and a serious one at that, if it weren’t for library book sales and used bookstores I wouldn’t own 90% of these guys. There is nothing in the world that I feel this passionate about, okay maybe my dog or White Cheddar Cheezits. But really, I need to stop buying physical books until I own a house or get an apartment with multiple bedrooms. It has gotten so bad that my own grandfather who used to take me to the library book sales whenever I asked, has now refused to take me because I have a “problem” what’s up with people? Jokes on him because my favorite used book website has free shipping without a minimum purchase!

The Case For E-Readers: In short, E-Readers are really convenient for a lot of different people. If you’re a student, cheap person, have sore eyes, like electronics that aren’t conventional tablets, or have absolutely zero space get an E-Reader. They are really nice to have and I appreciate being able to carry hundreds of books in my purse, but I still love me some physical books.

Note: If you like your E-Reader that’s awesome too! But try to buy a physical book every once in a blue moon so that publishers know we still want them! Thanks 🙂

Good Day Loves



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