Organization and Reading Combined!

Good Afternoon readers!

I must confess there is something else I have hidden from you about myself, something that is very much relevant to today’s topic. I am very much a Type A personality, I love lists and rearranging orders of them along with way too many organizational traits to list! So I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a little website called LibraryThing a few years back.

LibraryThing has come a lot farther now than when I first joined such a long time ago, but it still holds the same concept; cataloging your library whether personal or as a business. When I was about sixteen I started cataloging my personal library with this website, which is how I know that I have about 530 or so books, but I deleted the account for some terrible reason. I recently recreated an account on there and have to say it looks lovely since I last used it in late 2013!

Cataloging: The system that LibraryThing is really well made for someone who may have international or odd books in their library, the database pulls for over 700 different libraries from Amazon to the Library of Congress. I haven’t added many books into my library yet because most of my books as in storage, but so far my few international copies have been the very first to pop up in a search!

As far as the actual listing ability, I love it! I can sort by genre, author, publication date, and other categories. Sometimes I like to just reorganize my library for fun so it’s great to have this website to sort it for me!


Like I said earlier, LibraryThing used to be dedicated solely to cataloging your library and didn’t really have a social aspect to it. But now there’s a really cool networking side to the site which I’ve gotten myself lost in a few times! You want to talk books? They have that. You want to create a group for an author/subject/character/ect.? They have that too!

My favorite feature is the ‘Free Books’ section though! LibraryThing has their own giveaways for Advanced Readers copies along with autographed books provided by authors and publishers alike. An extra feature that isn’t always involved with those types of giveaways are the user giveaways! Users can give away digital copies or physical copies of their own books or books they just have lying around their house! How cool is that? I haven’t used the user giveaway feature yet but I might try it out soon and let you know how it goes!

I did however participate in an AR giveaway and will be receiving a novel soon! I will tell you all about it and review it when it comes in!

I give LibraryThing 4 out 5 stars, just because I wish there were more features!

Have you used LibraryThing before? How do you catalog your personal libraries? Comment below!

Good Day Loves,



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