A Small Fortune (Review)

I have kept it no secret that Better World Books is my favorite charity and used bookstore, and I should mention I have never been sponsored by them I just love giving them exposure, I do frequent the website often! A few months ago I was participating in their 6 books for $15 sale, I mean really how can you say no, and I picked up a copy of A Small Fortune by Audrey Braun simply because of its cover. Usually when I am shopping online for books and just need something under $5 I will pick a novel based off of cover alone; I know, a terrible practice but sometimes it gives me the greatest hidden gems I’ve ever read!

A Small Fortune begins a lot like a cheesy romance novel, which isn’t a surprise as the main character is an editor of said books. Believe me it does have dashes of romance here and there, but the overall concept and writing of the book is phenomenal! Braun has written herself a masterpiece and I did not expect that of a novel with palm trees and a ‘+’ sign on the cover. Our main woman Celia is a mother of one and seemingly boring wife; not without her share of affair though. Celia’s husband decides to take a spur of the moment trip to Mexico with Celia and their son but it is definitely not a dream vacation.

There were so many moments in Fortune that I braced myself for it to get bad, but it simply didn’t! I was pleasantly surprised by this and found myself finishing the book in a matter of hours. It was the fastest I have finished a book of that size in a very long time and only because of all the action, plot twists, and turns for the worst. At one point you aren’t sure who to trust anymore and then BAM! everything changes and becomes abundantly clear.

A Small Fortune will have you holding your breath, throwing the book across the room, and sitting wide-mouthed asking ‘why’ all within the first few chapters. Audrey Braun shows her talents as a writer in her very first novel and I only can hope to read much more of her work in the future!

Good Day Loves



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